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Walk the Talk

In the spirit of making a difference, Beta Mo is giving faithfully to the Global Orphan Project every month for the rest of the year.

Create Heaven

Think of Beta Mo as a space where global minded young adults are united by our shared passion to make a difference and help others.  

Be Real

Here, honesty and authenticity trump the alternatives. Always.
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❼ How I Became Christian

I like to share something about my faith every year around Christmas time. This year, I’m sharing the story about how I became Christian. Enjoy! xp

funny dog workaholic

❼ 5 Things Every Workaholic Should Know About the Holiday Season

This is a list I wrote for myself when I realized just how much I suck at holidays. I spend 10 months out of the year relentlessly focused on having faith, traveling more, having money, and making a difference. I get up before the sun and I work until the moon comes out. But somewhere around […]


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