Core Values

Walk the Talk

In the spirit of making a difference, Beta Mo is giving faithfully to the Global Orphan Project every month for the rest of the year.

Create Heaven

Think of Beta Mo as a space where global minded people are united by our shared passion to make a difference and help other people.  

Be Real

Here, honesty and authenticity trump the alternatives. Always.
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Ways to make a difference

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wise sayings to achieve dreams

❼ 6 Wise Sayings that Will Accelerate Your Success in Life

Could you use a little something extra to achieve your dreams and goals in life? These wise sayings will absolutely and completely give you the extra boost you need. Enjoy! When God asks you to do something crazy, will you be distracted or will you obey? Don’t fall for the numbers game. Quantity always looks […]

Why People Treat You The Way that They Do

❼ My Facebook Story: Why People Treat You the Way They Do

The way I joined Facebook was kind of funny. My brother had just come back from America and he was telling me about this new thing that everybody was signing up for on the Internet. It’s so weird to think about that conversation now. It feels like being around when the computer was invented. I’m going […]


In a Nutshell,

If you are young and passionate about making a difference, you belong here.

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