Why I Absolutely Do Not Believe in Privilege, Man

i don't believe in privilege

I don’t believe in privilege because it is a weak construct that has no long term value.

Speaking from a Nigerian perspective, one can argue that I am privileged.

I am well educated. I live in a nice place and I can travel when I want. I am therefore privileged because I have things (and access) that many Nigerians do not have.

Speaking from an American perspective, one can argue that I am decidedly not privileged.

I am not a man. I do not live in Beverly Hills like my Instagram bff, Ming Lee Simmons, and most importantly – I am not Caucasian.

So, you see, this construct of being privileged (or not) is highly subjective.

It is entirely dependent on looking outside of oneself to determine one’s own value (or lack thereof).

This, needless to say, is an unnecessary injury to the ego and to the soul.

How about we understand our value as human beings without the need to compare. Is that possible? – click to tweet

The other reason I don’t believe in privilege

The second reason I don’t believe in privilege is more difficult to put into words.

It seems to me that the people most bothered by the idea of privilege tend to be people that feel cheated of something.

They feel as though the “privileged” have taken something by force or by ruse.

While I understand how these feelings can come to be, I don’t necessarily agree with them.

Here’s why.

Privilege is often the outcome of war or defeat.

One group dominates another. The conquerors become the “privileged” and the conquered become the “not privileged”.

Generally speaking, the conquerors get to claim things, name things, and be winners; while the conquered tend to lose things, get named, and generally lose.

To ask the conqueror to not be privileged is to ask him to be something other than a winner.

It is to ask him to see life through the eyes of the conquered.

In essence, it is to ask that he “do the right thing” and be a basic, decent human being.

This is a fair request but not one that the privileged have an obligation to fulfill.

In conclusion

There is no definitive conclusion.

Personally, I don’t believe in privilege because there is no value in holding onto such a belief.

It is much better to choose to see the best in all things and in all people.

It’s not always easy to do so.

However, it is the only way to truly live. <3