❼ What is the Point of it All?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

Truly, what is the point of everything we do?

Going to work. Trying to be good. Trying to make a difference. Trying to help other people. Trying to be the best at something.

What is the point of it all?

what is the point of it all

For example, it’s great that Obama became the first black President of the United States in 2008. It was a historic event. It inspired a lot of people.

But, to be honest with you, what’s the big deal if he didn’t become President?

I’m sure, eventually, somebody else would have done it.

It didn’t have to be Obama.

One common response to the question of “what is the point of it all?” is

“but you have to fulfill your purpose. That’s why you were born. And that’s how to find fulfillment in life.”

Idk about that.

First of all, I’m trying to get to the point where Jesus is truly my everything. (let me not lie to you General Tso’s chicken competes for that spot sometimes)

Second of all, I don’t believe that fulfillment can come from things we do.

That is why some people achieve so much and still feel unfulfilled. While others don’t seem to do much but are completely content and fulfilled.

Fulfillment is a state of mind.

So, again, I ask.

What is the point of it all?

The closest thing I’ve found to a semi-satisfactory answer is from Chip Ingram’s podcast.

I was listening to it in the shower one day when he mentioned the Parable of the Talents.

Based on this parable, it seems there are two reasons to do something with one’s life.

  1. It’s a good way to have abundance in life (and who doesn’t want that?)
  2. God apparently expects us to use what he’s given us.
    I guess it’s like when a parent gives a kid $5 to buy candy. The kid can go out and do just that or he can choose to hide the $5 in his pocket. Clearly, any kid that hides his $5 just doesn’t know how to enjoy life Lol

Right now, it boils down to these two points for me (moreso #2 than #1).

The point of it all is that God expects us to do something with the $5 he’s given us.

Hopefully, I can always see all the things I do as $5 to be enjoyed and not as obligations to fulfill.

Your turn.

  • Have you ever wondered about this?
  • What conclusion did you come to?
  • What are your favorite podcasts? I’m always looking for recommendations


8 thoughts on “❼ What is the Point of it All?

  1. Hello Kola, Great topic. Such a big Big BIG question! I’ll take a shot at answering…. (this is only my personal approach.)

    To answer “What is the point of it all?” The answer I start with is… “How can I help my fellow man/woman?”

    ** I just realized the answer is also a question… haha.

    Then use my whole self to focus energies into one specific thing.

    For example…. the following questions have helped me… “What is broken in the world and needs to fixed. Or, if there was one problem that keeps popping up… what is a possible solution?”

    Thanks for the blog post… very thought provoking!


  2. Hi Kola,

    What I have come to realise through God’s word is that the point of it all is to live the life of Christ. What God has given us is life in Christ Jesus and the point of that is to extend that life to others, so they can come to know, follow him and do the same to others around them. Matt 28:18-20

  3. Hello Kola, interestingly I’ve been doing some thinking and studying on this subject. I think God wants us to do God deeds as his representatives (now in Christ) and these acts should be moderated by the thought that we are doing this unto him and not for ourselves (unlike the current humanitarian trends and beliefs in the world today). I belive this is the line that enables us enjoy our lives and not go overboard or weary while we are at it. In fact He gives us the ability to enjoy our life and work while we are keeping this perspective. Col 3:1-23, Ecc 12:13, 5:19, 2:24.

    1. Hmmmn I really appreciate that contrast with current humanitarian trends. You bring up a really solid point

  4. Great and thoughtful question Kola,because I help people from standpoint of personal experience, every success story becomes a driving force to do more. Can be lonely at times though..

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