❼ Why Some People “Eat Healthy” but Never Lose Weight

This is the one thing you absolutely MUST know about food in order to improve your life in a massive way. Enjoy! xo

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How to Improve Your Life by Outsmarting Your Food

how to improve your lifeA lot of you liked that post where i talked about how to make your brain work better. What you may not know, however, is that you might be falling for some marketing okidokie (aka trickery and tom foolery).

In the video attached to this post, I drove to Walmart to show you all sorts of foods that you might think are helping your brain and your body but they are actually hurting you.

I highly recommend watching the video (even if you usually prefer to read) because alot of hilarious stuff happens that i just cannot describe in words. Lol

As i walked around the store, I picked up foods from the cereal isle, the frozen food isle, and the juice section. The photos below chronicle my findings.

Improve Your Life Finding #1: Poptarts

Says it’s baked with real fruit. but when I turn it around to read the nutrition label, here’s what i see:

Improve Your Life Finding #2: Chicken Potpie

It looks really delicious. It has vegetables and things in front of it but when I turn it around to read the nutrition label, here’s what i find:

I don’t know if you know this but i’m black. And black people have no business eating all that sodium.

Besides, who’s going to eat just one pot pie? So i thought okay, i’m going to get some juice.

Improve Your Life Finding #3: Fruit Juice

I get this popular brand. It looks pretty healthy and sounds nice (farmer owned and all). I’m thinking it’s a good idea until i turn it around and read the food label:

Improve Your Life Finding #4: GMO-Free Healthy Sweet Potato Chips

My next find looks great as well…until i read the nutrition label.

The front of the packet leads you to believe that you’re buying sweet potatoes, chia seeds, and quinoa. But in reality, it’s actually just corn and oil.

This is the same stuff that they use to make the regular ol $1 tortilla chips at Walmart. But this company gets to sell theirs for $3 – $4 because they know not to tell you that it’s corn. Instead, they say it’s sweet potatoes.

Bottom line on How to Improve Your Life through Your Food

Read your food labels! because the things you think are healthy might not be very good for you. I’ll talk to you next week. Make sure you subscribe for updates.