❼ My Plans to Go MAD, Gaga, 100% Kookoo!

I wanted to go MAD in 2014 and now it’s happening. Unbelievable. Enjoy! xo

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In my last post, i told you that i had plans to go MAD this year. Well, it is happening!!

If you did not see the initial post where i made the announcement, make sure you go see it.

Remember, I have

1 mission: increase international awareness of issues related to orphans
1 rule: no donations to me
1 timeline: 3 months

In this post, I want to share with you, my plan to go MAD!! how to improve your life

Step 0: Pick a Partner to Make a Difference

My fundamental first step before doing anything else is to pick a partner. I’m not starting a new non-profit. My approach is to support non-profits that are already doing amazing work with helping orphans.

So ground zero for me, is to pick a partner.

Step 1: Pick a Country to Make a Difference

After picking a partner, my next step is to pick a country to visit orphans.

Step 2: GO!

This is the big part. GO to the country. So if they are in Somalia, I’d go to Somalia!

Step 3: Figure out how to help

I want to be careful of thinking that i already know what orphans need or that i know how to help them.

So instead of making assumptions, my plan is to literally go there and use the information I gather to figure out how to help the orphanage.

This step is a little bit of a question mark that makes me feel a little bit nervous.


I have already done 2 out of these steps.

I’ve already picked a partner and my partner is the Global Orphan Project (love that non-profit).

Shout out to Mark Brown and Adrien Lewis in case you’re reading this : )

The Global Orphan Project is going to allow me to visit their orphanage in India. So i have also picked the country!!

I’m very excited and I will keep you up to date on everything I’m doing.

So yeah, i just wanted to update you and let you know that I have made some progress since the initial video.

Like i said before, if you feel so inclined to support my work, you can do so by hiring me to Speak at your event. Contact me about that. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe xo