❼ Man Bitten by Shark, Stitches Wound, Keeps it Moving

This article is simply precious if you sometimes have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself.

But first, I want to tell you a story. As I tell this story, you are going to catch on pretty fast that this kind of thing NEVER happens to black people. Enjoy! xo

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Sorry for Yourself

So today, i was on the internet minding my own business when i came across this article that I just had to read.

The Short Version of the Story

There was this guy that decided that he wanted to go for a swim.

Now, he wasn’t going to swim in a pool (I guess that’s regular people stuff).

He didn’t go swim in a river. He didn’t go swim in a lake. No.

He went to swim in the ocean

Dude gets into the ocean and was enjoying his swim when he felt something on his ankle.

He looked down and it turned out that there was a shark latched on to homeboy’s ankle inside of the ocean.

According to him, he had a knife on him.

side note: what kind of a human being goes swimming with a knife?

Anyway, he stabbed the shark until the shark let go of his ankle and he wobbled back to shore. He also apparently had a first aid kit in his car that he used to stitch up the shark bite.

Now guess what he did after stitching up the shark bite? He went to the bar.

He went to the bar, had some drinks, and waited till the following Monday to go to the hospital for proper treatment.

Now when i read all of this, i thought it sounded both ridiculous and incredulous.

This kind of thing would never happen to me because I won’t go swimming in the first place, let alone go swimming inside of the ocean but that’s beside the point.

The story eventually got me thinking about how easy it is for us to feel sorry for ourselves.

You look at where you are in life and you’re not where you thought you’d be so you feel sorry for yourself.

You go on Facebook and see all your friends doing all these amazing things so you feel sorry for yourself.

Somebody told you that they were going to do something and they didn’t follow through so you feel sorry for yourself.

There are just all these things that conspire to make us feel

sorry for ourselves

Here’s what I’m thinking: as long as I don’t have a shark dangling off my ankle, I have no reason to feel sorry for myself.

Same goes for you.

I hope you challenge yourself to begin to make this mental shift as well. Every time you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, look at your ankle.

Is there a shark on it? No? Okay. Then I’m going to need you to pick yourself up, go have a drink (*ahem* drink water Lol) and get to work.

Go to school. Do whatever you need to do to get yourself out of that situation.

Whatever you do, do not feel sorry for yourself. Thank you so much for reading. I’m happy that you’re here.