❼ 10 Insightful Things I Learned this Week

  1. I’d rather spend time with 1 person I love than “have fun” with 50 that I barely know
  2. Yogurt with fruit at the bottom tastes better without the fruit at the bottom
  3. I can never know God by will power alone. I can only know spiritual things by spiritual means
  4. things i learned this week

  5. It’s a good habit to leave my phone in the car before I walk into church on Sundays
  6. My natural hair won’t break and fall out if I change my style or “manipulate” it during the week
  7. It’s scary to feel consistently happy over a long period of time
  8. Certain colors feel better to me than others
  9. I don’t always have to understand why one thing feels better to me than another
  10. Lemon + honey + hotwater = heaven
  11. It feels really good to take long walks early in the morning

Your turn

  • Do you like fruit at the bottom of your yogurt?
  • Which of the things on this list resonated with you?
  • What have you learned this week?

12 thoughts on “❼ 10 Insightful Things I Learned this Week

  1. Great list Kola! I resonate with 1,3,5,6&8.
    I learnt and been learning that things are not always what they seem. It’s nice when you look at things from other people’s perspectives & give people the benefit of doubt (to those who deserve it).
    I also learnt that it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. Just give me marshals and Costco, and you are my BFF for life ??.
    I learnt that the dark side that comes up in me sometimes is good and I am starting to embrace and love her.
    Oh I also learnt that I dress very colourful without a conscious effort to do so; thanks to my siblings and their ability to notice things like that. There’s always something colourful going on with all my outfits.

    1. Biola!!! (i literally yelled your name out loud when i saw this comment haha)
      Looll @ Marshals and Costco – mehn you ain’t ever lied. Those places are dangerous! And I really like what you said about embracing all sides of you. That’s really brave and very very neat

  2. “It’s scary to feel consistently happy over a long period of time” It’s called mania, one of the extremes of bipolar disorder. It’s also characterized by lots of energy and grandiose delusions (sorry for going technical, lol).

    “I can never know God by will power alone. I can only know spiritual things by spiritual means.” Oh, the struggle! Thanks for your insight.

    What resonated with me??

    1) Well, Do what you love or live a life full of regrets.
    2) Networking isn’t as scary as it sounds. They should give it another name .

    That’s all for now. I hope your week goes well :)

    1. Lol @ mania! and my oh my I TOTALLY relate to your #2. Networking really isn’t as bad as it seems at first. It can even be fun in the right groups ^_^

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous week too

  3. Totally agree with one to four. I do this and smiled reading. Just a quick pop in, will come back later to read properly

  4. I love this. It is simple yet profound…especially #2…”Yogurt with fruit at the bottom tastes better without the fruit at the bottom”. *nods head*. Very deep (lol). Really tho, #3 and #6 resonated with me. Mostly #6. Thought I was the only “mania”.

    My bucket list will look like this:
    (1)Life is in phases, memories are beautiful so I have to always, ALWAYS capture those phases in pictures and words. Having said that, selfies aren’t so bad. (2) It’s okay to admit you are not okay. (3) When I take off my mirrored lenses, I will see beyond MY pain to the pain of others. (4) I have my own place in God’s plan. (5)Music + WiFi = Bliss
    ….ati bebelo

    1. LOL!!! @ ati bebelo hahaha you have no idea how hard that made me laugh! too funny!

      And can i get an amen for your #2!!!!! oh my goodness – that tendency to always say “i’m okay” is so strong for me. That totally resonates – 100%

  5. Hi Kola! these all resonated with me. I like my chobani flip Key lime greek yogurt flavor. The yogurt is better with the granola stuff at the bottom for sure. Knowing God through spiritual means not willpower-yes ma’am. Feeling consistently happy is scary because it’s weird. but you’ve already established that you’re weird. And I know I’m weird so I accept that weird happy feeling…which can only be a result of God and seeking Him by spiritual means. Oh I see what you did there. Yogurt, God and weird happy feelings are somehow connected! You crazy genius, you!!! Much love, my sister!

    1. haha love you too crazy girl!!!

      hmnnn i just might pick up that key lime flavor now that you mention it :D

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