❼ My Sister Raised $20,000 in One Night

I just want to take a minute embarrass my older sister because I know she will not share this information even though I am dying for her to do it! Enjoy xo

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Quick Background on How Crazy This Girl Is

When we were kids, my sister was one of the smartest in her class. She was always one of the first 10 in a class of 1000 people. Super smart.

She was studying to become a doctor but despite all of this, my sister has always been very artistic.

She would do paper mache figurines, clay figurines, and she was (and still is) outstanding at drawing. Even though she has never received professional training, my sister is able to draw things that you would expect Donna Karan to design.

When she got to University in Canada, she decided that she wanted to use this ability for something good.

And so she started doing a fashion show.

Fashion Show 1

The point of the fashion shows was to combine her artistic talent with a good cause.

And the cause that she chose is HIV research.

I was not at her first show but since that first show, she has just been committed to this thing.

Every single year, she does a fashion show and every single year, it gets bigger and it gets better.

I had the opportunity to go in my sophomore year of college. It was my first time traveling to Canada and I just thought I was the coolest kid on the block!

When I got there, I was blown away by what I saw

My sister brought together all sorts of Artists from all over Edmonton (she was attending the University of Alberta).

I even saw friends that I knew from Nigeria at her show. It was just such a great event for HIV research.

I was always supportive just because she was my sister but I would later discover that one of the top causes of orphanhood is HIV/AIDS.

Alot of the children that are orphans in the world are orphans because their parents died of AIDS. Or the person that would ordinarily care for them died of AIDS.

When I found that out, it made my sister’s work even more important in my eyes.
HIV Orphans

Fast forward to 2013

I had another opportunity to go and see my sister’s fashion show in Canada.

It was mindboggling to see the difference between that night and when I went the first time.

In that one night, they were able to raise over $20,000 for HIV research. It was just a spectacular event. It was so good, so well done, and so well executed.

And the models…*headshake* absolutely stunning!(lots of footage in the video below).

Anyway, all that to say

My sister has won so many awards for the work that she has done and has been so devoted to this cause that I had to make this post.

I always say that this blog is for people that are passionate about making a difference (subscribe).

And I have this person in my family that is championing the cause and walking the talk. I just had to do this post and brag about her a little.

Right now, she has an opportunity to more than double the amount of money she raised last year through a competition that she recently entered

If you vote for her she could win $25,000 and ALL of that money will go toward HIV research (update: voting is now closed).

If you guys want to encourage her to continue to do what she does, check out her non-profit’s website at www.ribbonrouge.com

Share this post. Tell your friends. Let her be as much of an inspiration to you as she has been to me![/toggle]

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    1. Loolll @ Bukky of life. THANK you so much, Chichi!! We’re just trying to keep up with you na ni haha. We should get around to that Skype chat one of these days. I replied your email – not sure if it got delivered tho :)

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