❼ 5 Sizzling Questions with my Brilliant Friend, Tayo Rockson

I invited Tayo here because many of you asked about him when I shared one of his pictures on my (now defunct) Facebook page. So without any ado, meet my buddy and crazy friend, Tayo Rockson!

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Tayo Rockson is the founder of UYDmag, the host of the As Told By Nomads podcast and the leading authority on anything Third-Culture Kid (TCK).

Below, I ask him some, uhm, interesting questions. Hope you enjoy. Lol

Kola: Are you aware that you’re good looking?

Tayo: (Laughs) Seriously, what? Umm..I think I’m wonderfully made. So, Umm, Yeah..wow! I don’t know how to answer that question. I think…Yeah.

Kola: Good. Good for you… So, now that we’ve made you feel very uncomfortable. (Laughs) How did you become so popular online?

Tayo: Well, the truth of the matter is, I’ve always been in love with social media.

I got into the social media game really early and I started, you know, reaching out to people, doing searches on Twitter to seek some people. It was just so easy to just connect and to say, “Hey, I noticed you’re so and so…”

That often leads to something else and a lot of people ended up being guests on my podcasts then they introduce me to their circle of people through social media as well and it just grew from there.

another pic of tayo

Kola: So you host a podcast for people that have been exposed to many different cultures (TCK). Do you personally have any fun travel plans coming up?

Tayo: My upcoming traveling plans are largely speaking engagements because I recently launched a media platform called UYD based on my mission statement: “Use Your Difference to make a difference”

So they asked me to come and speak on that. One is in DC, one is in Austin, Texas.

I’ve been stateside because of my MBA for the past two years. So I haven’t really traveled as much except when I was in Nigeria.

Kola: You said you’ve been to DC several times. Are you one of those people that goes there all the time to go party and buy suya?

Tayo: *laughs* I used to live in DC!
I also went to school in Virginia and used to intern right next to the Capitol building when I was in undergrad.

Kola: Awesome! Very nice and now you live in New York, right?

Tayo: NYC, baby!

Kola: That’s what I thought. Is it because of your MBA that you went to New York or because of New York that you went to get your MBA?

Tayo: That’s a very, very good question.

My mentor lives up here and as soon as I stepped in the city, I was like, I’m coming here regardless.

So, I only applied to MBA schools [in New York] knowing that this is the city that I’d like to live in. So I came here because of New York and then the MBA happened to be there as well.

Kola: Cool. Well, I have one more question for you. What kind of person are you? Are you the type of person that asks for advice before you do things? Or do you lean more towards doing things and then just kinda seeing how things go?

Tayo: Yeah, I’m very, very impulsive a lot of times which can be good or bad then.

But, you know, I attempt to follow my gut.

With UYD for example, I just went to work and then I start asking people for advice after I did that (Laughs..)

Same thing with the podcast. When the podcast came out, I knew I was gonna do it but I just wanted to see what people thought. And you know it was mixed initially but I end up doing it because to me because if you fail, you fail and then you have experience to teach you.

But one of the things I’m learning in my experience is that you gotta try everything.

Life is too short. So, it’s our responsibility to live it to the fullest.

Kola: I love that. That’s a great thought to end with. Is there anything else you want to tell people? Anything that you’re working on that we should go check out? Anything that you’re selling? Tell us. (laughs…)

Tayo: None, nothing yet but you guys should check out www.uydmag.com. I’m also accepting contributors as well. It’s been growing.
I think it’s been 20 days [as of the time of this interview] and it’s on 20,000 views.

So if you guys have a perspective you want to share maybe in your culture, where you’re from or how you’re using your difference to make a difference, contact me to be featured.


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  1. Well, he IS good looking. And he admitted it…after several precious seconds of “uhms” and “ahs!” Hahaha too bad you’re Mrs. BetaMo already. Ok, bye! Lool :D

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