❼ 5 Clever Ways to Find Time to Achieve Your Dreams

My guess is that your ultimate goal in life includes one (or more) of these three things:

1. Making a difference
2. Helping other people and/or
3. Making lots of money

There’s just one problem: finding the time to actually achieve these dreams.

Between Facebook, school, work, and YouTube, there’s simply no time left to do the things you actually care about.

This is a big deal.

If history is anything to go by, responsibilities tend to increase (not decrease) over time.

This means that the longer you wait, the less likely you are to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Yikes!

That is why I had to call in the big guns.

I’m talking about Dami over at Dudu North and Courtney over at Think and Grow Chick.

Both of them are people that have found clever ways to find time to achieve their dreams.

The beauty of their ideas is that it’s all stuff that you can totally do!
It’s not all easy but it’s definitely doable.

The key here is to believe that you can find time to work on your life goals.

achieve your dreamsIf you’re reading this thinking “there’s no way i’ll ever have time”, then you’re right. You’ll never find time. So don’t do that to yourself.

Keep an open mind and give yourself a chance. Alright? Let’s go.

#1. Achieve Your Dreams, LEGO Style

How do you build an epic lego creation?

You do it brick by brick (unless you were born after 1996 when Lego started selling pieces that are pretty much pre-constructed). Yes, I’m salty, but I digress.

Achieving your dreams lego style means completing big tasks in little chunks.

Don’t try to accomplish all your goals in life all at the same time. Take them one at a time and focus on completing one major task everyday. – Dami, Dudu North

This requires incredible consistency and patience; neither of which are strengths of mine.

That’s why I love #2 so much.

#2. Get an App for Your Goals in Life

When you start achieving your dreams lego style, you’re going to run into a major problem.

You will find yourself completing little tasks every day without any accompanying fuzzy feelings of progress toward your ultimate goal.

I know because this was basically the story of my life last year.

The good news is, there’s an app for that.

My favorite is 30/30 and I’ve talked about it before in this post about selfies.

30/30 is a simple app that allows you to see how productive you were at the end of each day.

Thanks to this app, you can find me on the couch every evening, whispering sweet nothings in my own ears about how awesome I am.

You don’t have to use 30/30 though.

You can use post it notes or even make carvings in a rock. It’s completely up to you.

The most important thing is that you have a way of reminding yourself that you are awesome because you are trying!

#3. Then Download this Book

When you subscribed to this blog, you received a free book about How to Say No to people.

That book is epic for two reasons. First of all, it takes just five minutes to read the entire thing. Second of all, it’s hilarious and so practical.

For those that haven’t seen it, the basic idea of the book is very simple.

It says that time is your most valuable asset.

Therefore, saying yes to everything is not a measure of how nice you are. It’s an indicator of how little you understand the value of your time.

For me, saying no frequently allows me to be able to say yes to my dreams and goals in life. And I don’t even have to feel bad about it because of the 5 tips I mention in the book.

PS: I’ll be re-sharing this book via email at the end of the month. Subscribe here to make sure you don’t miss out.

#4. Are you a Procrastinator?

Stop it.

#5. And, Finally, Shut Up and Get Up

I get up at 5 o’ clock every morning. I’ve done this since I was in college
Courtney, Think and Grow Chick

I love that Courtney does this because I have a very caveman-ish way of doing exactly the same thing!

Basically, immediately my alarm goes off, I tell my brain to “shut up and get up”.

If it doesn’t work the first time, I’ll keep repeating this statement until my feet finally hit the ground. This is literally how I get my butt out of bed almost everyday.

I can already hear all the non-morning people groaning and complaining. Sorry guys, I told you I was sharing doable things not necessarily easy things.

Besides, I believe in you and I’m confident that you will surprise yourself if you try.