❼ Meeting New Boys & Other Adventures in Germany (travel vlog)

I met a boy in Germany.

Tall, blonde, and very interesting.

This vlog chronicles our adventures in Dusseldorf over the summer. Hope you enjoy! xo

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6 thoughts on “❼ Meeting New Boys & Other Adventures in Germany (travel vlog)

  1. Lol you almost scared me with your title. I was like, “German boy. Kilosele? No offense to German boys, but you know what I mean. Lol

    Anyway, I spotted “vita malt” in the video and it brought back memories of all the malts we had in Nigeria. And how you had to be VIP to be served malt at parties. If you’re not a VIP, you got coke and fanta. At least, in my own memories…haha. Chai!

    Loved your vid, Kola! Happy Monday to you! :D

    1. LLOLLLLL I can’t even with you. You crack me up so much hahaha

      Yup – when they said they had malt on the menu, i just HAD to try it. This their own is not really as nice as maltina but it was good. Loll – i remember when that thing was prime commodity. You really had to be special or ask momsie for permission to drink malt from the “store” lol

      Thank you so much for this comment oh jare. Totally brightened my day ^_^ Happy Monday to you too!

  2. So you came to Germany but didn’t drop by here in Tuttlingen to say hi. I could have loved to show you around too..*tearyeyed*

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