How to Be Transcendent

When you’re overwhelmed and you can’t find your happy, it’s helpful to remember who you are.

Who are you?

Are you a leaf? Tossed and beaten by every whim of the weather?

Are you a rock? Firm? Impermeable? Inflexible?

Are you water? Flowing, bending, moving without pre-supposition?

I don’t know that it necessarily matters who you are. But it does matter (very much) that YOU know who you are.

Recently, I lean toward thinking of myself as a child of the Gods. A daughter of the one true King. When I think of myself in these terms, I am not afraid of anything.

I am not frustrated by anything. I am not bound by anything. I feel, in a sense, immortal. 

I feel like a breath of fresh air.

2 thoughts on “How to Be Transcendent

  1. I think of myself as a child of God as well – so we are sisters. But in terms of the elements – most likely water. I love how the water is serene and able to move around obstacles. It’s also strong, cleansing and healing. Congrats to Baby Beta Mo!

    1. I can really to relate to what you’re saying about water, Dija! how appropriate too because it is currently raining as i type this and i’m finding it very calming (doesn’t hurt that i’m indoors). And thank you!! we were all pretty excited when Alaffia contacted us to say he won ^_^

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