Are You Doing Something that Scares You?

I’ll be honest.

It’s been a long while since I’ve done something that actually scared me.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’ve done things that made me nervous. For example, traveling to India on my own.

do something that scares you

Yet, I can’t truly say that these “nervous” encounters are the same as the terror I’m currently experiencing.

I’m working on a private project right now. And truth be told, it feels really scary.

I think the reason I’m so scared is that I realize that I can actually fail at this project.

Everything else I’ve done, I never really perceived failure as a real possibility.

It always all seemed within my reach because I had so many people around to draw inspiration from.

People like my dad when I was writing my book. Or Mr Beta Mo when I needed to do a better job of pacing my schedule

This – though – this is different. And it’s scary. But I’m doing it anyway because

…what’s the worst that can happen?