Be Be Be Beta Motivation Officially has a Store!!!!!! *insert electric slide here*


Whoooo! It’s alive y’all!!! IT IS ALIVE! The Beta Motivation Store is HERE! Yes, I really am screaming every single time you see capital letters in this post. Yes, I am pumped about this. Yes, this is only the beginning…

Beta Motivation is about making sure that you and I live life intentionally. It’s about encouraging the next Steve Jobs to WAKE UP and LIVE for goodness’ sake!

Until today, I have relied heavily on Facebook and Twitter to spread this message—but no mas, my friends. No mas. Now, you can easily send meaningful notes to friends, drink from a wise mug, and cuddle with Sully the Beta Moooootivation cow.

Every item in the store bears a meaningful message–one that you will be proud to share with the world. If you see something you like, place an order. I fully intend to have FUN with this and I invite you, my lovely, to come along for the ride! Click here to see what’s in store (pun very much intended).

Special Thanks

Every single person that reads this blog means the world to me. I see the shares on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, and hard copy reprints of certain posts. I see these things and they remind me of how lucky I am to be a part of the Beta Mo community. You guys rock. Seriously.

I would be remiss if i didn’t also thank:

  • »My dad – for showing me the value in learning, adapting, and evolving
  • »My mom – for teaching me discipline, perseverance, and faith
  • »Nmachi Jidenma – for being the very first person to like Beta Motivation on Facebook
  • »Abimbola, Alberta, Ayo, Ayoola, Chi Chi, Courtney, Dam Fam, Dayo, Debbie, Debo, Faith, Femi, Frank, Funke, Grace, Hannah, Jenn, Jessica, Joe, Kanyin, Kathi, Ken, Mark, Matt, Mayowa, Mope, Nikky, Nkem, Omo, Ope, Patti, Povianu, Rachel, Remi, Segun, Shirlley, Starla, Tosin, Toju, Uchenna, Yakubu, Yinka, and YOU – At one point or the other, each of you have said or done something that made my day. Thank you!

If i forgot to mention your name, please no vex. It’s 4:04 am and I’m not even sure what language i’m thinking in at this point. Mucho gracias. Visit the Beta Mo Shopping Fiesta


2 thoughts on “Be Be Be Beta Motivation Officially has a Store!!!!!! *insert electric slide here*

  1. Dear Bukky,

    Sending you warm wishes for continued success, and even-mo-beta motivation in future!

    Dr. Jaggi

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