❼ 5 Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

You may have heard about the benefits of blogging for business.

  1. Blogging is Primetime Advertising (Minus the Price Tag)

    Your company’s blog allows you to set a tone, create a personality, and market a brand. In this era of online hyper activity, there is no better way to stay top of mind with clients –and get consistent referrals than to blog on a regular basis. Compared to any other form of advertising, blogging is basically FREE.

    Here’s a tip — make sure your blog is integrated with your website. If your blog is separate from your website, don’t waste your time blogging. Ask why

  2. Blogging Makes it EASY for Clients to Find You.

    By creating posts with keywords and information relevant to your business’s field or specialization, you might traffic some new customers toward your site. Let’s say you have an interior design company. Potential customers might never know or search for your specific company name, but if they search for “design trends 2013” and are led to your blog on the same topic, they’re more likely to check out what you’re selling. Not only are you reaching a new customer, but you’re becoming a resource in and a part of a web community with similar interests. (And similar customers!)

  3. Blogging positions you as an expert

    If you’re a financial consulting firm, setting a tone that’s fun and approachable, yet professional and knowledgeable, might not be an easy feat based solely on your product. A weekly blog is like a running script, allowing your business to become a character with a story, a style, and a point of view. This personal brand will prove invaluable when marketing your business. Blogging sends a message to your customers that you care about your industry, your work, and their involvement with it.

  4. A Blog Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

    A blog allows dialogue with potential customers whom you might otherwise miss. Not everyone’s going to stop into the store, call during business hours, or send an email. But it is fairly easy and non-threatening to leave a comment on a blog post. These comments will help you understand how customers feel about certain topics or products, and you can use this information to improve your product or service. As long as you are professional and courteous when handling negative feedback, any comment can be a productive customer-provider interaction.

  5. Your Business’s Blog is Your Dedicated Company Champion

    Update your blog with recent developments, new products, and special events. Keeping your readers and customers up-to-date on your business will keep them more personally invested in its success. This is a form of crowd-sourcing that leads to business for smart service companies.

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