❼ 3 Things I’ve Learned about Blogging for Fun

I’ve been blogging for a while now and even have a whole course about the topic of blogging.

Blogging started out as something i only did for fun but as time has gone on, I now share my expertise via blogging workshops at conferences. My ideal audience is people that are doing it to make a difference / help others. Non profits and churches are a great examples. I also enjoy chatting with people that are blogging for fun because…well, they’re usually fun to talk to.

Anyway, in this post, I’d like to share 3 things I’ve learned about blogging that might be useful to those who, like me, do it for love.

1. Consistency

Even when you’re just blogging for fun, consistency is very important.

When i first started blogging, i was only posting once a month. I later learned that it was better to post more frequently, however, at the time, once  a month was what i wanted to do. Besides, I was only doing it for fun so there was no reason to stress myself out about it.

This turned out to be a fabulous strategy. My readers learned to anticipate my monthly stories and I was able to build a relationship with them. The morale? Consistency helps you to build relationships because it signals to your audience that you are reliable.

Even though you’re just blogging for fun, you still want an audience right? Good. So pick a schedule and be consistent :)

2. Honesty

Have you ever gone on a blog and just *had a feeling* that something wasn’t right? Yeah me too.

People are very capable of picking up any hint of inauthenticity. Just let the real you shine through and you will attract the right audience. If you’re a fun person, then be fun on your blog. If you’re a serious person, then be serious on your blog. People want to know the real YOU.

This is one of the beauties of blogging just for fun.

You have no reason to be anything other than yourself. You can just freely do what you want to do without worrying about money or how your “customers” will feel. When you blog for fun, your blog is simply a place where you express yourself so enjoy your freedom and express yourself authentically.

3. Relevance

Relevance has a very loose definition these days.

Anything that helps your audience, entertains your audience, or in someway improves their condition is relevant.

So always ask. Is this helpful? Is this entertaining? Is this providing a solution? It doesn’t have to be a yes on all three counts. HOWEVER, if it’s a “no, no, no” then you might want to press the brakes on that post ma dear. Chances are, if you do a good job with the honesty thing, your blog will automatically be relevant (because there will always be people out there who relate to the real you). However, it’s still good to ask these questions so that you are consistently putting out your very best in every blog post.

I hope this post helped those of you that are curious about trying out blogging just for the fun of it. Let me know how you’re doing and leave me a comment with any topic requests you have!

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