❼ 3 Little Tricks for Business Blogging & Social Media Success

When it comes to business blogging and social media, it’s not always about the pomp and parade. Sometimes, the magic is in the little things that you do. Here’s a list of 3 little things you can do to earn more success on your blog and on Social Media.

1. Learn How to Use Your Blog Correctly

Unless you’re Microsoft or Google, very few people will come to your business blog to hear about your business. Yes, your services are amazing. Yes, your upcoming products are hot. But no, we don’t care. Remember, human beings are fundamentally self-centered. When people come to your blog, they’re thinking — what’s in it for me? Give them what’s in it for THEM. Consistently deliver content focused on THEM. This is how you position yourself as an expert.

My team offers a business ghost blogging service to service-based businesses. Though I sometimes mention it, it’s rarely the topic of an entire blog post. Why? You don’t care about our business ghost blogging service. You care about how to use your blog to get more business.

2. Treat Your Readers Like Beauty Queens

Love her or hate her, you’ll notice when a beauty queen walks into the room. Notice your readers when they walk into your blog. You do this by:

  • Responding to every comment
  • Highlighting your top readers
  • Inviting them to be a part of something if possible

  • 3. Interview Your Way To the Top

    Hang up your hero’s cape. Suspend your independent man (or woman) persona. Ask for help. Instead of starting your blog from scratch, do this instead.

    Look through your network to see which of your contacts are already doing well in a closely related field. Remember complementary and supplementary products from economics class? Yeah, go with people that are offering complementary products and interview as many of them as possible.

    After the interview, ask them to share with their own audience. If you do a good job, you’ll be able to keep the attention of some of your friends’ audience. Side note: don’t be an animal. Be tasteful when asking for these types of interviews.

    And on that note, go forth and prosper with blogging for business and earning more referrals.

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    Image Credit: Purple Phoenix