Re-Introducing Myself

Alot has changed in the past 2 years.

I’ve gotten married, had a baby, moved, changed jobs, changed career paths, become an author. and on and on and on. When I look back on all these events, I’m amazed by how so much can happen in such a short period.

It only felt proper to re-introduce myself and also share some very important changes coming to Beta Mo going forward. I hope you enjoy watching xo

How to Make Your Life Easier

People love to share their bad experiences.

Want to get a PhD? Don’t worry. You have a friend that will tell you how hard it was for them to get their PhD.

Raising a child? Don’t fret. You have a friend that will sing the horrors of sleepless nights to you.

Thinking of starting a business? Relax. I’m sure your neighbor has a few stories about how all their businesses have failed.