❼ The Very Sweet Outcome of Complaining about Sweet Potatoes

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This morning, I caught myself complaining because the Sweet Potatoes I cooked for Mr Beta Mo was enough to last only 3 days instead of 5 days.

I wanted it to last 5 days because I like efficiency and cooking during the week is not efficient.

Of course, I didn’t complain out loud.

I’m a good person.

Good people don’t complain out loud. So I did it in my mind instead. Outwardly content but inwardly complaining.

This thing of complaining inside my mind is something that God has really been convicting me about recently.

Actually, I blame James MacDonald.

He’s the one that wrote the book that I used as a devotional that made me realize that I might want to start replacing my internal complaints with something better — like, say, thankfulness.

I would normally roll my eyes at something like this but he had a point

I scolded myself for complaining about the fast disappearing sweet potatoes (because when you do something bad, you must always scold yourself).

Then I looked for the positive aspects of the situation.

  1. I thanked the air that Mr Beta Mo loved the sweet potatoes so much.
  2. I thought about how lucky we were to have food in the first place (this hasn’t always been the case for me).
  3. I felt my iPhone in my pocket and thanked it for being there. I’m really grateful for my iPhone because if i didn’t have one, i would desperately want one.

All in all, nothing changed about the situation.

I still have to cook mid-week.

I still think it’s inefficient to cook during the week.

I still don’t like being inefficient.

Yet, somehow, none of it feels bad. Actually, I feel good and very happy.

And that’s really sweet.

I guess thankfulness really is a better mindset than the alternative.

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