What You Should Know if You Didn’t Win the $150 Cash Giveaway

Congratulations to the lucky folks that just won the iPhone, cash, and other prizes in the Beta Motivation giveaway. For those of us that didn’t win anything, I’ve got news:

Going UP

A more slam dunk-ish giveaway is on the horizon as Beta Motivation continues to grow here and on Facebook. I still can’t believe that almost 1,000 people visited this blog last month and over 150 incredible people are now members of the growing Beta Motivation community on Facebook. Welcome!!!

Also, rumor has it that the people that participated in this giveaway might be receiving preferential treatment in the next contest. I can’t make any promises just yet, but it’s a possibility :)

That Said,

Giving away free stuff is something that I derive tremendous personal enjoyment from, but that isn’t really what Beta Motivation is all about. Life gets tough, jobs get taken away, friends do cruel things, and sometimes family is…well, family. When you need a jolt to knock you out of a funk or you’re simply looking for motivation and inspiration to follow your passion and live a vibrant life, Beta Motivation is a resource to keep you going strong. Think of it as a gas station for people that are ready to live life like its the real deal

Beta Motivation is about you….your dreams, your passion, your purpose, and your future so make it your own. Join the community on Facebook and post quotes, ask for feedback on your ideas, or share reviews on interesting personal development books you’ve read. Together, we will grow and do this thing called life. We only get one shot. Let’s make it count [fb-like-button]