❼ The Simplest Thing You Ought to Know About Blog Design

This simple design concept is often the difference between success and failure with blogging. Make sure your blog design is setting you up for success. Check out the video below

Note: this is part four of a four part series on how to make your blog more interesting.
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How to Make Your Blog More Interesting – DESIGN

Design is so important because if it’s not done correctly, it makes it really difficult to reach your goals with blogging.

The thing is, there is a little bit of magic sauce involved in blog design.

That’s what I want to share with you today.

When more people think about blog design, they are thinking about colors and fonts. Basically, they are thinking about the things that will make the design of their blog look pretty.

Yes, it is important for your website design to have good fonts and good colors. However, that is not the most important element of design. That’s not the magic sauce that is going to get you to your goals.

The most important design element you need on your blog is called your CTA or Call to Action.

What is a CTA or Call to Action?

Your CTA or call to action is just a fancy way of saying that when people come to your blog, they must NEVER be confused about the main thing that YOU want them to do on your blog.

When a complete stranger arrives on your blog, s/he shouldn’t have to guess what to do. You have to tell people what to do when they arrive on your site.

Examples of Good Calls to Action (CTA)

Call to Action Example #1

Like Beta Motivation on Facebook

Call to Action Example #2

Follow Beta Motivation on Twitter

Call to Action Example #3

Shop the online store

See what I did there?

Don’t assume that just because you have a Facebook icon on your site, people are going to know that you want them to click it and go like your page on Facebook. Same goes for twitter.

If your big goal is to have a million fans on Facebook, then you have to tell people to go and like your page on Facebook.

For those of you trying to sell wares using your blog, using a call to action becomes even more important.

There is a tremendous amount effort that goes into stocking a store. When you do all that work, you better remember to tell visitors to BUY.

Don’t just put up pretty pictures or links in hopes that we’ll click. Tell us what to do.

Okay, I’m sounding like a broken bell now.

Applying Your CTA or Call to Action

Go to your website after reading this post. Look at it objectively and ask yourself:

“Is my CTA simple? And is it obvious?”

In other words, is your call to action the elephant in the room?