❼ Happy in Hungary || Travel Vlog

budapest hungary travel video

Have you seen Grand Budapest Hotel?

Me, neither. Lol

But, for whatever reason, the existence that movie made me feel that Hungary would be a place worth visiting.

And that’s exactly what I did!

Here’s a little snippet of my tram hopping, sightseeing, search for goulash in beautiful Budapest, Hungary! I hope you enjoy xo

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2 thoughts on “❼ Happy in Hungary || Travel Vlog

  1. I’ve seen Grand Budapest Hotel and I loved it! I thought it was funny. maybe i’m weird :)

    I want to go to Budapest (had no idea that was how it was pronounced, by the way). My friend was just there and got me a fridge magnet.

    Love the FREE walking tours. Did I mention free? LOL

    1. LOL! that makes two of us. The first time i heard about them i was like whaaaaaa??? a FREE tour? Where do I sign up? haha
      And yeah it was actually the tour guide that taught us the correct pronunciation. She said some people from there are offended when it’s pronounced “pest” as in unwanted animals instead of pesht Lmao

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