❼ Help Me Pick the Book Title (Vlog Ep 4)

I think you’ll enjoy these videos if you have a mischievous side and like a good laugh every now and then. Have fun watching :)

8 thoughts on “❼ Help Me Pick the Book Title (Vlog Ep 4)

  1. I like the title on the right
    but consider the below
    How i learned early in life to make a diiference and do the work I love

    1. Ohhh I love that suggestion, Jake! the “early in life” is what was throwing me off about the second title and shifting it around really does help. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. The second one, for sure!! First time commenting here…had to because I’m interested in the book when it’s released. Way to go, Kola!

    1. Thank you SO much for commenting, Maggie!! I really appreciate it.
      PS: I just checked out your website. I likey a lot!!

  3. Am I late to vote? I’d say the one on the right handside, because not only you are “attepmting” but you are also making! The fact that you are attempting is already a “doing” and you are inspiring some people out here, including yours truly, no kidding :) and this reminds me to thank you for an advice you gave: do you remember when you said when one’s vision is not going the way one wants, to change the steps and not the vision? I did follow your advice for my blog and for my life (applying for my current job), and I am so grateful that you did share this advice and didn’t keep it just for yourself.
    You rock :)

    1. Oh wow. This means so much, Benja. THANK YOU so much for sharing this! I remember making that comment and I’m so glad it was helpful. And i see what you mean about the title – that’s a really good perspective. Gosh hearing from you is always such a highlight. Thank you thank you thank you!

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