❼ How I Became Christian

I like to share something about my faith every year around Christmas time. This year, I’m sharing the story about how I became Christian. Enjoy! xp

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So here’s the deal

My mom is Christian and my dad is muslim.

Growing up, I never had to go to church and I never had to go to mosque. I could basically do whatever I wanted.

…until one holiday when i decided that i wanted to go to London.

London landmark

I really wanted to go because we had 3 months off school and I didn’t want to be at home, bored out of my mind.

So I asked my parents if i could go to London

They said no

Their reason was that we couldn’t afford the airfare at the time but I was undeterred.

I decided that I would simply find another means of getting to London.

I thought about it for a bit and decided that my best bet was to ask God.

After all, almost everyday, my mom would come home from work with all sorts of stories about what God had done for her that day.

I figured that if God was as awesome as my mom said he was, then London must belong to God.

And if London belongs to God, then God must be capable of getting me a plane ticket to go to London.

Clearly, the only way I was going to get to go to London was to become friends with God.

So I started paying attention to the way my mom did things.

I noticed that she had this 3-step pattern where she would wake up early in the morning to

  1. read her bible
  2. read a devotional by Pastor Adeboye and
  3. pray

All of this took her about 45 minutes everyday.

Once she was done, she would leave the house to go to work.

This was my cue to go into her room to do my own 3 steps.

I would read the exact bible passage she read that morning, read the same pages in her devotional, and I would pray as long and hard as I could.

I did this everyday.

After about 2 weeks, I was still in Nigeria.

So i thought that maybe the problem was that I didn’t give God a deadline.

I didn’t tell him the date that I wanted to go to London. So I picked a date.

Another 2 weeks passed, still nothing

I started to get worried because I had only 2 months left in my holiday and there still weren’t any signs of getting a plane ticket to London.

So I thought maybe the problem was that I didn’t write down exactly what I was praying about.

Maybe God didn’t understand what I was saying.

So I wrote down exactly what I wanted – a plane ticket to London – and prayed on the piece of paper everyday.

I did that for another month…still nothing

Now, I had only one month left in my holiday.

I was convinced that If i just had faith and refused to give up, i would get to go to London. So I kept doing the 3 steps all the way through to the end of my holiday.

I didn’t get to go to London that summer.

And I felt absolutely crushed.

I knew that God could have given me that plane ticket. So why didn’t He?

I was upset but, interestingly enough, I continued to read the bible.

I had spent so much time reading my mom’s bible that I couldn’t stop reading it.

I was fascinated by what I saw in the bible even though I didn’t understand half of what it all meant.

One thing led to another and the rest, as they say, is history.

And that’s my story. That’s how it all started for me.

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13 thoughts on “❼ How I Became Christian

  1. Both my parents are muslims. They weren’t devout though…as in,we ‘ll make u recite d whole Quran before each meal kinda thing:-) They allowed us to attend xtian schools but because our family life was sad & difficult,i was always ‘watching’ happy people. And i noticed my happier,nicer friends were xtians but at about age 9,i didnt know about conversion. Fast forward,my friend at age 15 preached to me & slowly but surely,i came to respond to Him. Six years on,it’s still hard but worth it…..worst day with Jesus is better than d best without Him! Long story:-)

    1. That is such a GREAT story, Temi!! I really appreciate you for sharing that. And you’re totally right. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely always worth it :)
      Your comment makes me so happy – you have no idea

    2. Temi,thank God for your life,thank God for the understanding that He who has called us NEVER said it’s gonna be easy,His sole promise is that He would be there with us to carry us through,truly the worst days with us in Him,are better than the best days we could ever have without Him…….am so enthralled with this your assertion.

  2. Kola,what a great testimony! As another’s testimonies yielded you in to Christ,may yours turn many more in to the faith to God’s glory!
    You are such an adorable person……

  3. Thanks O.K.. D expression was ‘swiped’ off Joyce Meyer btw,very apt. And I agree with you,i stumbled on the blog a few days ago & after a quick scan,i thought,’this is cool’. Plus,i’m always proud to see young,black women ‘killing’ it:-) May God continue to strengthen you. I guess you know this already but ur voice is VALID even when readers like myself are too busy or stunned to comment on your posts.

  4. Hehe…that’s some story. It’s so amazing how God meets us at the unlikeliest of times and ways. Unlike you, I’d always been a “church girl”. But in between routine Sunday school and familiar Bible stories, I met Jesus. By myself, right there in my Bible, just like you.

    Lovely blog by the way. Keep the fire burning!


    1. That’s so cool! Thanks so much for stopping by Oyindamola! Checking out your blog now :)

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