❼ How I Make Money from My Blog

In the past, I didn’t pay too much attention to making money from this blog because I was more interested in using it as a place to showcase my ideas and book speaking engagements.

Also, I felt that the money I would make would be so little that it wasn’t worth the effort.

Last year, however, things changed a little bit.

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I discovered that making money from this blog was actually a terrific way to make a difference for orphans.

So, rather than keep the money for myself, I began to give away 100% of the money made from this blog to the Global Orphan Project.

In case you’re wondering how I make my own money, I still book speaking engagements through this site and I get paid that way.

I feel very lucky because

This blog is a lifestyle blog for people that want to make a difference in the world.

I think it’s a really nice opportunity that the blog that talks about making a difference is itself making a difference :D

Anyway, with that in mind, here are the ways that I was able to make all the money that was given to the Global Orphan Project last year.

#1. My Blogging Schedule

Come rain or shine, I made sure that I posted something on this blog every single week (except for when I was traveling in India).

Posting consistently led to traffic.

Traffic led to opportunities to sell stuff.

#2. Stuff I Sold

I sold two main products last year

  • I sold GoMAD (Go Make a Difference) bracelets for $10 each (buy one here)
  • I sold a course on How to Make a Blog that Makes a Difference (sign up here)

I tweeted about them, announced whenever people placed orders, posted on Facebook, included them in the sidebar of my weekly emails (get those here), allowed Udemy to promote the course, and a bunch of other stuff.

#3. YouTube Videos

I actually have a post planned to share how I plan, record, and edit my videos for this blog.

You can get notified once that post is up if you subscribe here.

Making videos is fun for me and I allow YouTube to shows ads on my videos so that they make money for the blog.

It’s a win-win.

So, in a nutshell, that’s how I make the money that this blog generates and donates to the Global Orphan Project.

Hope this helps. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. xo


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    1. YAY! so gald to be able to help Bea :) FYI: I LOVE what your site is all about. We have so much potential and many of us has great ideas. As we continue to support one another, we can do great things! xo

    1. Congrats on getting your blog started, Gary! I did check it out and I think it’s super cool that you taught yourself html/css – I did too :)

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