❼ So You Want to be Happy in Life

You want to watch this video if you’ve ever tried to cheer yourself up without much luck. Hope you enjoy and pass it along!

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How to be Happy in Life

Take a look at this list:

  • Martin Luther King – intimate with depression
  • Jesus – betrayed, maligned, misunderstood
  • Michael Jackson – not sure where to start with this one

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Each of these men lived their lives with unusual intensity and purpose — no question there. Yet, they weren’t happy 24/7. In fact, they were sometimes downright sad and depressed. What was missing?

The Bigger Picture

Nothing. Nothing was missing.

Jesus had red carpet moments where he turned water into wine. But he also had garden of gethsemane moments were people were unspeakably cruel.

Michael Jackson had his Thriller and Beat it moments. But he also had his lonely and broke moments.

Like Jesus and Michael Jackson, we all have our ups and downs. It’s just another part of the human experience. So don’t sweat it. tweet this

That being said, there are practical things you can do to be positive, motivated, and happy most of the time (but certainly not all of the time). Here are 3 of the quickest ways:

3 Quick Ways to Be Happy (Most of the Time)

  1. Get organized: alot of times, we’re stressed out and unhappy because we’re disorganized. A yarn of wool looks incredibly complex until it’s unraveled and organized. Life generally works in a similar way.
  2. Ingest Positivity: I enjoy listening to a book by Sherrie Larkin called the Promises of God. Can you imagine just listening to an endless flow of the things that God has promised concerning you? Love it. I also mix up my music with some KLOVE, Air1, and Beyonce (yes, Beyonce).
  3. Invest in Yourself: For me, this typically takes the form of being hard headed about how I spend my time. For you, it could mean the same thing. Or it could mean reading better books, getting more sleep, basking in sunshine, eating good food, or finding comfort in friends and family.

Ups and downs are a normal part of life. Sometimes, the downs are so tough that it’s hard to see the up again. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, hang on and use something quick and simple from this list to cheer yourself back up again.