❼ How to Deal with Stress (9 Ways)

Some days, you just don’t want to get out of bed. But then you remember that you’re no longer a baby and that you have responsibilities, so you drag yourself out of bed.

This post is a chronicle of how I deal with stress when I’m feeling depressed. Enjoy! xo

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On some days, that feeling of being depressed goes away by itself. But on other days, it sticks around…like burned pancake.

This post is a chronicle of what I do to feel better on my burned pancake days.

#1 – I walk my dog to deal with stress

Actually she’s not my dog but she’s at my place half the time so she’s basically like my dog. All she does is eat, sleep, and poop. I find that very inspiring on days when I feel stressed or depressed.

#2 – I go to whole paycheck

When I go to whole foods (aka whole paycheck), I tend to feel better and less stressed.

Going there forces me to try new things like Organic Kefir, Thai Coconut, Organic plain whole milk yoghurt, organic apples, and organic coconut oil. Actually, the coconut oil in the video is from Trader Joes. That’s the other place I go to buy random stuff.

#3 – I dress up and look nice to stop feeling depressed

If whole foods doesn’t work, I dress up and I look nice. It’s really hard to do when I’m feeling down.

But if I can pull it off, I really does make me feel less depressed.

Dress Nice

Most of the accessories I’m wearing in these pictures are from the Global Orphan Project. When you purchase an item from there, it helps prevent little children from becoming orphans.

I’ll include a link if you want to check them out.

Dress Nice

#3. I Light Candles & #4. Abuse my Animal

Sometimes, I light candles and try to meditate.

But then I realize that the things inside my head are way worse than my reality. Half the time, meditating just makes me worry even more, which stresses me out even more, which makes me feel even more depressed.

So I stop meditating and sit with my fish and think of all the different ways that I can freak her out instead.

#5. I also clean and do dishes to deal with stress

Yes, I’m one of those people that clean when they’re stressed. When I get tired of my fish, I clean up around the house and do dishes.

Actually, I usually just load up the dishwasher but I did the dishes by hand in the video in case my future husband is watching. Because, you know, I’m just domestic like that.

#6. I listen to podcasts when I’m feeling depressed

Sometimes I listen to Jillian Michael’s podcast or really old episodes of chocolate cake radio.

Jillian Michael’s podcast is great for when I’m stressed but I still want to think. Chocolate Cake Radio is for when I’m completely knackered and I want to switch of my brain and have a good laugh. All in all, I really enjoy both when I’m feeling depressed or stressed out.

7. I make stress-busting dinners

I tend to think of food in functional terms. It’s stuff I eat to nourish my body and stay alive.

But when I feel stressed or if i’m feeling depressed, I put extra effort into my dinner and treat myself to whatever I want (even if it doesn’t “match”).

On the menu tonight is Organic Kefir, dun dun, goat, rice, and egg stew. Bon appetit.

Dress Nice

8. I watch stress-free TV

I watch some of my favorite shows on television. Tonight’s pick is new girl. I wonder if Nick and Jess will ever get back together. I honestly don’t think there’s any hope for them

I hope this gave you some ideas of how to love yourself even when you’re feeling like burnt pancake. Please share this video on Facebook. It might help somebody out.

All the links you might want are below

►Global Orphan Project Accessories: shop here


All the links you might want are below

►Global Orphan Project Accessories: shop here