❼ Really Bad Types of Blog Post Titles

Every time you write a poor blog post title, a Romanian kitten is forced to dance like Psy.

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This is what happens to Romanian kittens when your blog post titles suck
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Certain types of blog post titles will save Romanian kittens this level of embarrassment. For instance, titles that

  • Address your readers’ worries
  • Promise a simpler life
  • Address common mistakes (like this one you’re reading)
  • Teach “how to” do something
  • Offer a list of any kind
  • For most intents and purposes, these types of blog post titles will do. Now let’s take a quick look at what NOT to do when writing blog post titles.

    1. The “Creative” Blog Post Title

    If you’re a leisure blogger (the kind that blogs whenever they feel like it), then great! Be creative with your titles. But if you intend to blog consistently over a long period of time, forget creativity and just use a standard formula. Yes, I will write another blog post containing these formulae. Yes, I just said formulae.

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