❼ The Difference Between Blogs that Make a Difference and Blogs that Don’t

You will enjoy many benefits if you succeed at making a difference through your blog.

For example, If you’re helping others through your blog, you will naturally build a community of people that share your passion for making a difference.

You will also end up building your reputation as a leader in whatever field you want to make a difference.

There’s only one problem

Not everybody that starts a blog because they want to make a difference succeeds in their mission.

Some people fail because they are not clear on what “making a difference” means to them. Others fail because they don’t know how to blog correctly. As critical as these two issues are, they aren’t even the biggest deal breakers.

The biggest deal breaker is a deceptively simple word—authenticity.

If you nail authenticity, you can mess everything else up and still succeed at making a difference and helping other people with your blog. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the other way around. It is tough to get people engaged if they never get the chance to connect with you in your most honest and unadulterated form.

Take a break from trying to package yourself according to people’s expectations. Show your true colors and the right people will get on your bus and help you make a difference.