❼ I had a Baby and Other Interesting Life Updates

You guys, crazy things are happening in my life! Lol

Come let me fill you in.

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#1. I had a baby last month.

His name is Baby Beta Mo (BBM for short).

And I have to say, he is the most perfect little human I’ve ever seen (I might be a little obsessed).

baby beta mo_800x450

Why didn’t I share the news that I was pregnant? 

Well, I’m Nigerian.

In Nigeria, you keep your pregnancy secret from even God himself if possible.

And then when the baby is born, you invite everybody to come and party. That’s just how we roll.

Can I get an amen in the comments if you get where I’m coming from? Lol

#2. I’m switching Beta Motivation from a business to a hobby.

This means that I am no longer speaking full time.

However, I will continue to update the blog every Monday with my personal adventures in making money, staying inspired, and traveling.

Yes, I will also continue to share vlogs featuring Mr Beta Mo and now Baby Beta Mo as well :)

Why the switch from business to hobby?

Truthfully, I feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to do with Beta Motivation from a business standpoint.

I’ve done my dream speaking engagement.

I’ve published my book.

I’ve accidentally made videos that became popular beyond my wildest imagination.

I have now reached a place where I need a new dream. 

So until that dream comes, this is just a hobby for me.

So what are you going to do for work now?

Idk. Good thing I still have many weeks of maternity leave to hide behind eh? Lol

Seriously though. I don’t know.

I feel very drawn to Branding and Quality Assurance so those will be interesting opportunities to explore.

I trust that the right opportunity will come my way at the right time.

It always does.

So yeah – that’s what’s happening in my life :)

Look out for a video where I share my pregnancy, labor, and delivery story. I think you guys might enjoy that. Leave a comment below if you have something to share from your life too.

Until next time, be sure to share this post if you liked it. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@betamotivation). And I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

20 thoughts on “❼ I had a Baby and Other Interesting Life Updates

  1. Yummy Mummy Alert!!! Congratulations Bubu! May God continue to make him a source of joy to your family. B, Xoxo

  2. Wow Kola! Congrats to you and your husband on the birth of your baby boy! You are a true Nigerian for having kept that a secret. How in the world did you pull that off? I’ve always wondered how you somehow felt comfortable sharing current updates about your life on your blog. Now I know you don’t. *side eye* Anyway, child birth looks good on you. You look prettier with the additional flesh *winks* I hope you find your new dream soon. Best wishes!

    1. Looooolll @ being a true Nigerian. but but but I DO share current updates – not just this one haha :D thank you so much Foghor but yeah I gotta get rid of this extra layer of cheeks :)

  3. Congratulations Kola and Mr Beta Mo!
    BBM is cute!!

    I’m at a stage of “waiting” different things to happen. Waiting actively not passively though.
    God’s working it out even right now..

    1. hehe thank you Frances!! I pray God opens the right doors for you in all the right places xo

  4. Hey, congratulations, Mummy BBM!!! :D He’s quite a cutie plus I think he looks like you…definitely the nose. And yeah, totally get why you didn’t share pregnancy experience. We don’t need any evil eyes on our baby O__O

    Oya, when can we come and chop our rice?

    1. LOLL!! @ evil eyes. Thank you jare you get my drift
      As for the rice chopping, my dear me sef i’m looking for who to gaan chop rice with Lol!

  5. Congrats to you and your husband. A beautiful family. So so wonderful to get the update. Your smile made my day

  6. Whhhatt!!! Congratulations Kola!!! OMG i have been dulling. He is such a beautiful and blessed child. What a great way to start the year!

    1. Hahaha thank you love!!! ?? I couldn’t have asked for a bigger adventure to start the year with!

  7. Congrats aburo Morenike. I did not know you were Morenike’s sister when i watched your video. Kind of dissing Nigeria with the housa guy marrying an underage girl. Well small world…but u fall my hand on that video..sha

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