❼ 4 Places in Indiana to Find More Readers for Your Blog

Not many people will voluntarily seek out your blog. Even if you have a massive audience, only a small percent will proactively seek out your wisdom. I know, how unfortunate. As a blogger, it is completely up to you to stay in front of those that love you (and those that don’t).

If you want more readers in Indiana, here are a few places to get seen.

Places in Indiana to Find More Readers for Your Blog

1. Kroger Publications

Kroger Logo
You know those free magazines at Kroger and Marsh? Yeah, the ones you’ve been using as packing paper. People actually read them. I’m probably responsible for the disappearance of 50% of the ozone layer. Yet, my articles always get a healthy response whenever I show up in Natural Awakenings.

2. Rainmakers

If you live in Indiana, you want to get to know the folks over at Rainmakers. Members frequently post things in the Facebook group and on the LinkedIn page. If you play nice, they might tweet your stuff too.

3. The Usual Suspects – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Don’t just post once and walk away. Post the same stuff 10 times over. People login to social networks at different times. So what if one person sees your stuff twice? You’re changing their lives, saving the world, etc. etc.

4. The Meetup Website

This is a tip I got from Tracy at the Indianapolis WordPress Meetup group. You can help people find your blog more easily by including a clickable link to your blog on your general profile over on Meetup.com. Side note: please try not to obnoxiously plaster links to your site all over the various meetup groups.

5. Little Indiana

My buddy, Jess Nunemaker, runs a lovely website called Little Indiana. She frequently features bloggers throughout the Indiana area. As part of the feature, she’ll let you link back to the best blog posts on your website. How cool is that?

Okay my bad, that was actually 5 places, not 4. But hey, what can I say? My goal is to exceed your expectations. Always. Have fun sharing your blog posts.