Is God (Kind of) Bad Too?

The other day, I waxed poetic about the love of God

Who wouldn’t?

Baby Beta Mo is still a tiny little bundle of cuteness. My eyes still squint in wonder everytime I see his toothless smile. 

It’s easy to feel nothing but love for him right now. 

But what about the future?

What about when he is rude to me and I become furious?

What about the day he lies and I see red?

I don’t expect my basic motherly love for him to change. 

Yet, I’d be naive if I ever thought I would never be angry with him. Or that I’d never feel disappointment about a choice he may make.

I tend to think love is good while anger is bad. Disappointment also is bad.

I know for a fact that God sometimes feels these “bad” emotions. 

Sooo does that mean God is (kind of, sort of, a little bit) bad too?