What to Do When People Call You Names


What to Do When People Call You Names

Too many people walk around with their heads full of, well, trash. Maybe you know somebody like that. Somebody that has come to believe that she is not pretty enough, not smart enough, not successful enough, and definitely not funny enough. It would be okay if these things were actually true. In reality, they usually aren’t.

These Lies Sometimes Develop from People Calling You Names

There are husbands that call their wives fat. Family members that refer to one another as failures. And even classmates that call their friends ugly.

Hurtful as these words are, they have no effect as long as the listener is quick to reject them. It is your duty and prerogative to actively reject any words that impose limitations on your potential.

This is what you should do when people call you names

1. Reject the Label

Calmly say “i reject it” and claim the opposite for yourself. For example, if someone says you’re stupid. You reply by saying “I reject it. I am very smart”. You will most likely annoy the person but they’ll be slow to call you stupid next time.

2. Preserve Your Sense of Self-Worth

Preserve your sense of self-worth by taking action. You might want to make money as a blogger. You might also have a family member telling you that you’re too much of an illiterate to do so. Merely rejecting it wont get you far (especially if you really are a computer illiterate…sorry just keeping it real). This is a perfect example of where you need to take action. Actively reject the label by doing what you need to do to get familiar with blogging.

3. Take a Stand

The truth is, some of the most hurtful words are spoken with the best intentions. Some people call other people names because they don’t realize how hurtful their words are. Look for an opportunity to have a mature one-on-one conversation with anyone that has the bad habit of speaking hurtful words to/around you. Not everybody will be receptive to your attempt to bring the problem to the table. Try anyway.

4. Refuse to Internalize

You only get one shot at life. Don’t waste it living out other people’s faulty opinions of you. It doesn’t matter how often people call you names. Never accept negativity as your reality.

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  1. Good article. Sad that I had to reach out and search for this. My spouse seems to think it’s non abusive to name call me when he’s angry with me..says things as “why do you do stipid things?” “Your stupid, you dont learn and continue to be.am idiot” “shut up, your stupid” “stfu stupid bitch”

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