On Leaving a Legacy


I used to think that the idea of trying to leave a legacy was weird. After all, I thought, many of us go through life making sure that our decisions and actions are not based on what people think of us; so why would anyone care what people think after they’re long gone? Then I finally realized that I had it all wrong to begin with.

Your legacy is not what people think when you’re gone
It’s what people feel because of work you’ve done
It doesn’t have to be superfluous
No not even miraculous
Your legacy is not something that avalanches the earth when you are old
It’s what you do before you grow cold

If you work in an office, are you making a difference to the poor in your community?
If you work in a salon, are you reminding young girls that they are beautiful?
If you are a salesman, are you genuine?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the daily bustle of life and to become so focused on ourselves that we forget our childhood dreams to make a difference and we forget that we once got excited about feeding the hungry. Instead, we settle for a nice house and a Cocker Spaniel.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound like too much of a whooping, but this is a reminder for all of us that there is more to life than me and you. I know what i have cooking in my closet–what are you doing to leave an impact in your wake?

Someone once said: your life is the sum total of how you spend your days. Spend your days wisely and enjoy the ride—bumps and all.

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