Let it Go, Woman!

Have you ever tried to stop yourself from thinking about somebody and then they’re all you ever seem to think about?

Or maybe gone on a diet only to find yourself daydreaming about all the different things you could do to a potato?

As you might have discovered, will power alone is usually quite useless in either scenario.

The most effective way to truly let something go, is to find something better to embrace.

This applies regardless of what you’re trying to let go of. If lingering sadness is your demon, deliberately embrace something that brings you deep joy (not just temporary happiness). If you’re trying to rid yourself of nasty TV and online habits, find other shows or activities to embrace. If you’re trying to let go of those last 10 pounds, embrace the dumbbells at the gym.

The key to letting things go is to stop worrying about letting things go and start working on finding better things to embrace.

I think it’s Newton’s Law that states that for every piece of garbage in your life, there is an equal and opposite treasure. Your job is to look for that treasure, embrace it, and allow it to do what will power never could.