❼ Love in London (Travel Vlog)

London has always had my heart.

It was the first city I ever traveled to outside of Nigeria.

I always looked forward to the day that I would get to share London with somebody I care about – and guess what? It finally happened.

Shopping, weddings, boating, singing – we did it all.

I hope you enjoy sharing in this little snippet of our lives. xo

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4 thoughts on “❼ Love in London (Travel Vlog)

  1. BUBUU, you guys are hilarious. PS: Was feeling that track mehn, you need to hook a sista up! Hope you had fun in my town. TC.

    1. bahaha thank you boo!! It was such a blast – minus the constant rain!
      The music is Carry Go by Levelz Music on soundcloud – i’m in love with all his stuff too ^_^ Hope you’ve been doing awesome. It would be SOOO good to see you one of these days – been ages!

  2. So glad you got to share London with the most special person in your life! It’s a magical city for sure!

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