Has Mother Teresa’s Quote Led Us Astray?


I respect Mother Teresa just as much as the person next door. But I can’t stand this quote.

we cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love

For one thing, I can’t seem to find the context for what she was saying.

Steve Jobs once said: “you’re already naked”. Without any additional context, he could have meant all sorts of things. I for one, am not naked. I’m wearing an office shirt, brown pants, and mismatched socks.

Similarly, by itself, this Mother Teresa quote is misleading and untrue

Steve Jobs changed the face of design and computing – that’s a great thing
Doc Hendley turns wine into water – that’s a great thing
Mark Zuckerberg controls all of our brains – that’s a great thing

Sometimes we need to pause and question ideas. Even the ones that people seem to have accepted as self-evident truths.

I don’t know whether my entire life will ever compare to one day of Mother Teresa’s. But while I’m alive and breathing, here’s my take on the issue.

We CAN do great things on this Earth. GREAT things with great love. tweet this

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