❼ What a Punk

You want to do big things. You want to make truck loads of money. You want to change the world. But you don’t.

You don’t act like you want to do big things. You certainly don’t make truck loads of money and you haven’t changed your underpants today–let alone changed the world.


The biggest excuse reason is usually money. I need money to pay my bills. I need money to fuel my car. I need money to take care of all these kids. I need money to __________ *fill in the blank*

What a punk. yeah. I just called you a punkity punk punk!

I hope that makes you mad. If you’re not mad, then you shouldn’t be reading this post. This post is for people that are sick and tired of being sick and tired of their lives. If you’re not mad, then you’re not yet sick and tired. You’re not ready to do what I am about to propose.

What I am About to Propose

Stop blaming money. Money isn’t the problem. You are. Yep, I went there. Money is not the problem. If you REALLY want to go where nobody has gone, do what nobody has done, and be who nobody has become. If you REALLY want to live on purpose, then you cannot afford any excuses. None. Not even the holy grail excuse: “beht beht beht i need monies to survive”. Most people think like this:

What a train wreck.

How long do you suppose it will take to figure out your financial situation? A month? A year? A lifetime? How dare you place your life on hold while you “figure stuff out”? What exactly are you figuring out anyway?

Here’s a better way: live on purpose and then figure out your money situation

Let me tell you something. Destiny is addictive. Once you taste a snippet of your purpose, your hunger will intensify. Once you realize that you were born for a reason, you will never have peace until you fulfill your destiny. The thought of quitting would be anathema to you. You will have no choice but to press on and figure out your money situation as you go.

Again, this post is not for everybody. Don’t do this if you are not yet tired of tailoring your life to someone else’s vision. Don’t do this if you buy expensive things to “feel better” or to impress the broke neighbors. Don’t do this if you honestly don’t know how to stay out of debt. Don’t do this if you are still brainstorming reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Stop blaming money. Stop looking for excuses. Allow your mind to work freely without all that extra baggage. Make up your mind to live on purpose, be smart, and you will find a way to make money.

Nobody gets to survive life. You can either be a factory of excuses or you can be a fulfilled, purpose-driven individual. Your life. Your choice.

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    1. “leap and the net will appear” I love that!! thanks so much for stopping by, Sue. by the way, your blog is really nice. do you have a Facebook page for it? i couldn’t find the link when i visited

  1. Thanks so much – I am glad you stopped by! I don’t have a Facebook page yet but I am working on it. I’ll give you a shout when I do!

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