❼ Lol. Have You Ever Seen This Type of Food Before? (Vlog 3)

I think you’ll enjoy these videos if you have a mischievous side and like a good laugh every now and then. Have fun watching :)

6 thoughts on “❼ Lol. Have You Ever Seen This Type of Food Before? (Vlog 3)

  1. Great video! Watched it with my 5yo and he was so enthralled with you! Kept giggling and he finally commented ” she repeats everything!
    Your eyebrows are legendary! Simply purrfect! And you stir your soy like a boss!!! You stirred that thing like a potion:-)
    Anyways as always I enjoyed watching you and I got to share you with my lovely Ife:-)

    1. bahahaha gotta love kids!!

      And thank you!! I have a lady that threads them for me :D

      I was actually surprised when I found that i could replace a lot of the traditional flours with things like soy flour and oat flour (because heaven knows I am not about to give up my precious carbs! LOL)

      I so appreciate you watching and commenting. You rock, Tamkara!!

  2. Burgers vs African food? please burger go home loools
    I was saying on your youtube channel that the way you make this food just reminds me of banku (some amazing ghanaian dish).

    These vlogs are phenomenal!!

    1. Lmbo! God help me when all this African food starts to catch up with me in the form of pot belly sha. So that’s similar to how they make banku? hmm good to know. Had no idea. and YAY!! So happy you enjoy the vlogs :D

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