Unique Idea: What if You Never Want to Have Children?

There is nothing wrong with you if you never want to have children.

You are not selfish.

You are not weird.

What you are though is misunderstood.

Chances are, if you’ve ever told people that you never want to have children, they didn’t understand.

Children are a gift from God, they say.

“Oh my God. I can’t imagine my life without my kids. They’re my world!”

While you don’t discount these people for feeling this way, you just wish somebody, anybody would understand your perspective.

To you, the world is a good place but not a great place.

It is not a place that you feel excited about introducing a new life to.

It is not a place so wonderful that you are eager to deepen your roots in it.

For you, freedom is important.

You love your life exactly the way it is and you don’t want it to change.

Who likes change, really?

If you never want to have children, then never have children.

Your uterus is not a commonwealth.

It is yours to own. Yours to control. Yours to decide.

Other people may not like your decision.

They may not respect your decision.

They may not appreciate your decision.

That’s okay.

You probably don’t like, appreciate, or respect all of their decisions either.

This life comes around just once.

Live it the way you know in your heart is true to you.

And if you never want to have children, don’t have them.

Wear a big twirly skirt instead and see this big beautiful world that is just waiting to be explored.

You are loved.

You are complete.

Just the way you are.