New Year’s Day Might be a Scam

You don’t want to go to Crackers Comedy Club by yourself on New Year’s Eve. People there kiss at midnight as a way of ushering in the new year. It’s been two years and I still don’t get the point.

Honestly, it’s not just the midnight kissing that beats me. It’s the entire tradition of celebrating the arrival of a new year. As a Nigerian, I feel obliged to celebrate and throw banga (wack fireworks). Yet I question the wisdom of ascribing special status to January 1st.

Resolutions aren’t more effective just because they are made at the beginning of the Western new year. Blessings aren’t contingent on the date. Calendars may reset every year but life doesn’t. It goes on seamlessly.

In my heretic opinion, January 1st is no different from April 3rd or February 20th. Each day is a precious gift. A chance to reflect, to grow, and to do better.

It’s good to make resolutions, pray special prayers, and celebrate. But I believe it’s better to do these things everyday — not just at the beginning of a New Year. Do you have a different perspective? Let’s talk. I’m on Facebook.
…oh and Haaaappy New Year!!! :~)