❼ Do You Offend People by Talking About God?

A friend recently asked if i ever feel insecure or worried about talking about God on my blog.

Frankly, this is one of the best questions I’ve been asked lately.

Here’s my perspective on the issue. Enjoy! xo

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Once upon a time, I was genuinely concerned that talking about God might be a bad idea.

I thought that doing so might push people away.

I no longer think that…and here’s why.

I have no problem talking about myself on the internet.

In fact, I have become convinced that if I share myself in an authentic way, it will attract the right people to me.

Basically, I think I am something so wonderful that sharing myself attracts the right people to me.

So, using the same logic, how dare I think that sharing God will somehow push people away?

If I am capable of attracting the right people to myself, how can I not know that sharing God attracts the right people to Him as well?

This realization is what has freed me up to talk about God and spiritual things a little more openly.

Do you understand what I mean? Please leave a comment and let me know


6 thoughts on “❼ Do You Offend People by Talking About God?

  1. Hello Kola

    I used to feel insecure before. I don’t want to offend people talking about God. But You are right. Since I have decided to be true to myself and open up more about my faith, I have attracted the right person from my blog to all my social channels.

    Thumbs up! #TeamJesus

  2. Totally got you, and you couldn’t have said it better. I profess my faith and don’t shove it in people’s faith.

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