❼ The Juicy Bits & Bobs from my Global Orphan Trip to Kansas

This video is for you if you are the type of person with unrealistic dreams and irrational desires to make a difference in this world.

It will really encourage you to believe that great opportunities can (and hopefully will) find you too. Enjoy! xo

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If you are on my email list (which you should be…subscribe here), then you know that the Global Orphan Project invited me to Kansas City!

The Crazy Thing About This

Every year, they have this event down in Kansas City called the Big Event.

Every year, they would send an email saying, “Oh it’s time for the Big Event”.

And every year I would be like, “Oh my gosh, I wish I could go. I really want to go, but I cannot justify the expense of flying there.”

So imagine my shock when I got an all expense paid invite to attend the Big Event this year because I’m an ambassador.

When I read the email I was like:

“What? Free?” Free ticket to Kansas City, sign me up!

So What Happened There?

The first day, I just hung out with my friends, Olivia and Faith and we ate way too much rice and chicken.

Then the next day, we had training all day. Training was phenomenal, actually I’m lying. Training was long. We were there for a full day but I really appreciated it because I got to meet Mike.

Mike is the CEO of the Global Orphan Exchange (where you go if you want to buy products that help prevent the creation of more orphans in the world).

Mike isn’t the only cool person I met.

I also met Joe, who is the CEO of the Global Orphan Project (where you go if you want to learn more about how you can get involved with helping orphans and supporting the people that support them…which is what I do as an ambassador).

So…What about the Big Event?

After training, we had the opportunity to go to the Big Event, which is what suckered me to go to Kansas City in the first place.

It did not disappoint.

We had our very own rodeo, I met a TON of really cool people, and we, of course, ate lots and lots of good food.

So what’s next?

I think going forward, one of the things that I can really contribute is to do a lot more speaking engagements representing the Global Orphan Project and the Global Exchange and the work that they’re doing.

I think that’s right up my alley and I would truly have a lot of fun doing that.

The plan is to spend the rest of this year booking these types of speaking engagements for next year.

Want me to come speak to your group? contact me here!

The other thing that kind of sort of might happen is a group trip to Uganda.

It would be perfect for me since I have a goal to visit every safe sub-Saharan African country but we’ll see what happens :)


The Links: Global Exchange || Global Orphan Project

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