❼ The Unfair Advantage that Helps me Overcome my Fear of the Unknown

Chris Guillebeau, a New York Times Bestselling author, just wrote an endorsement for my upcoming book. Crazy right? I know.

The content of this post is what I believe has been my greatest asset in this crazy journey to live a life that makes a difference. Hope you enjoy! xo

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In addition to the book, I’ve had so many things fall into place for me in the past year or so.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to all sorts of different countries

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Ghana
  • China
  • and so on and so forth

I recently became an Ambassador with the Global Orphan Project.

And there are several new opportunities cropping up for me these days.

So when my friend, Tara, asked how on earth I’m getting all these opportunities, I should’ve had a good answer

but I didn’t.

Instead, I mumbled something about how I don’t make decisions based on fear and that’s what is helping me.

overcome fears and make a difference

Now, while that’s true, it is far from the whole truth.

After a lot of thought, the truth finally dawned on me that my unfair advantage is actually my mom.

I’ve talked about her before on this blog

And when you buy my book, you’ll find a place where I mention her in one of the stories.

Yet, I can’t even begin to explain the type of mother that I have

I’ve watched my mom from when I was a kid.

I worked in her company as a Manager from when I was a teenager.

And i can tell you that I have never seen my mom not take action on something she wanted because of fear

I have never seen my mom disqualify herself from doing something because other people were more qualified.

I have never seen my mom talk down on herself or feel inadequate because somebody else was skinnier, or prettier, or richer than she was.

I’ve never seen my mom want something and not go after it because she’s not sure how it’s going to work out

I’ve never seen my mom back down or cave in to fear.

And I’ve never seen her stop trying.

And here’s the thing about all of that.

Oops. Not quite done with the transcript yet. Enjoy the video for now. Or check back in a couple of hours :D


22 thoughts on “❼ The Unfair Advantage that Helps me Overcome my Fear of the Unknown

  1. Kola, thanks for sharing this precious and candid part of your life. I watched it with my daughter and it was just so poignant and almost had me bawling… I hope can be that kind of a mother too….
    Once again, thanks for making me, smile, think and feel all sorts of things all at the same time. Its always such a pleasure to watch your videos!

    1. *hugs* this comment means the entire world. THANK YOU, Tamkara! With God’s help you will that type of mother and 10x more <3

  2. Bukky I want you to share this on mother’s day with the ALC family. Can I use this video or should I just have you in person?

    1. Oh my God. Really?! I would LOVE to do it in person ^_^ I can’t guarantee that I won’t cry though. This video was a struggle to record without falling apart Lol

  3. What a cool answer to my question! You have a wonderful heritage. I am so glad you are using all that has been given to you and pushing your limits. I can’t wait to read your book!

  4. Ugh, I have a tug in my belly! This was the BEST video I’ve seen. You are so blessed to have been fed that mindset. I’m certain that’s why you’re so sound, and stable with such a good heart. I may watch this once a day.

    1. This comment means so much, Darice. THANK YOU! I’m so happy it resonates. Just felt like I needed to put it out there

  5. Thank you for sharing the mindset and being the legacy to your mom that you are…Because it helps ME! So your willingness to share your inspiration is a contagious attitude of loving action to share it. For this, I am grateful!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!! You’re so welcome! I feel very thankful that our lives intersect in so many ways xo

  6. That’s so true kola. What we watch our parents do become easily ingrained in our character. My dad is the type that always maintains his opinion which most times has been carefully thought out. People just can’t come to terms with how I manage to take a stand on an issue and not care about the opinion of others so long as I think I’m doing the right thing. Bluntly replying a yes or no to a request (no matter how appealing it sounds) or receiving it from someone else is rarely difficult for me. Thanks for sharing, I never really taught about it this way! I’m always inspired by your videos and often like sharing them with my friends and students. Keep up the good job!

    1. Thank you so much, Foghor! I love doing doing these videos and I’m so glad that they resonate with you and your students! And just so you know, it’s not an easy thing at all to take a stance (especially when it’s not the popular choice) so i think it’s really impressive that you can do that and that it comes so naturally to you. Much kudos and respect to you for that.

  7. Love this one my friend. Mom’s are definitely the best, and it sounds like, like yours truly, we were blessed with the best ones out there.

  8. Bukky!!!!!! you have no idea how much this video has inspired me…mindset is everything! I grew up with the opposite mindset…settling….not pushing… unable and afraid to see how amazingly brilliant and awesome I can be… somewhere deep within I have pushed through but because I grew up with the fear of change, of the pursuit…. I have never really embraced that hunger for success that came so naturally within me… thanks!!! ^_^

    1. You’re SO very welcome Alberta! And against all odds you have achieved so much with your career and setting up your photography business and just exploring everything you have to offer. I know i love seeing you do your thing because I know how much joy it brings you. So happy this video was useful in its own little way too!

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