❼ The Woman That Can Move Things With Her Mind (Like Matilda)

What I learned from a stunning woman, turned quadriplegic that can move things with her mind. Amazing. Hope you enjoy! xo

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I was watching 60 minutes the other day when they featured a woman that I thought was stunning.

She was well dressed, her hair was nicely done, and she just looked good. According to the show, however, that woman eventually became a quadriplegic.

She literally became paralyzed from her neck down and gained alot of weight. Her appearance was completely transformed.

When I heard that, I thought to myself

wow. you just never know how life can change
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After her quadriplegia had set in, some neuroscientists signed her up for a study where they connected wires to her brain.


They sliced her skull open and put sensors on her brain. Then they connected the sensors to a prosthetic arm. They wanted to see if she could use her thoughts to move the arm.

No training. Nothing.

They just sliced her skull open, put these wires in, connected the wires to the prosthetic arm, and told her to move the arm. She did it.

Seeing her move that arm on my television was the most amazing thing to me.

All she had to do was think and the arm would do whatever she wanted it to do.

That’s powerful.

Now that I think about it though, it’s kind of creepy that she could do that. It kind of reminds of Matilda. Remember that movie? The little girl would just concentrate on her thoughts and next thing you know, the school principal would be flying out the window.

Now, I’m not one of those Kumbaya, “let’s join hands together and pray for world peace” types. But…

Thanks to shows like this, I now have something special written on my bathroom mirror.

In the corner of the mirror in my bathroom, I literally have these 3 sentences written down

I am happy
I am healthy
I am rich
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Every morning, as I brush my teeth, I’m reading these sentences to myself.

It doesn’t matter how horrible I feel when I wake up in the morning. I say this to myself every day.

Have I Seen and Radical Transformations in my Happiness, Health, or Wealth?

No, not really.

Nonetheless, there’s something really nice about knowing that my mind is so strong. I enjoy the daily reminder that my thoughts are powerful.

So don’t ever feel like your life is out of control.

Don’t ever feel like you can’t control things in your life.

It’s endlessly fascinating that a woman that lost the use of all her limbs still had her mind. And with that one muscle, she was able to control a sophisticated robotic arm. What’s your excuse?


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