❼ 10 Random Facts about Me

It’s a new year so let’s start off with the basics – introductions.

You know, you and I getting to know each other a little bit better. Eh?

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I’ll share 10 utterly random facts about myself and you can leave a comment to let me know if you relate to any of them.

  1.   Come March, I will be a published author
  2.   I included the fact above only because I felt obligated to do so
  3.   I don’t drink beer
  4.   My favorite liquids are green tea, cranberry-vodka, and rosé (in that order)
  5.   I avoid all activities that involve getting wet
  6.   I’m an introvert
  7.   I overthink everything
  8.   I think I think about food too much
  9.   I proofread and edit my text messages about 3 to 500 times
  10.   I used to think that my father owned Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja (Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa)
  11.   I grew up in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa
  12.   I have a severe case of wanderlust
  13.   I’m a travel snob – if it’s not international, it doesn’t count as travel
  14.   I avoid all activities that involve combing my hair
  15.   I love all rice but I do discriminate based on rice
  16.   Brown rice is my favorite
  17.   I die a little bit when people sneeze into the open air
  18.   I don’t like cake or ice cream
  19.   I’ll go skydiving, but not bungee jumping
  20.   I think Visa gift cards are the best gifts
  21.   I watch more YouTube than TV
  22.   My hobbies are reading and dancing
  23.   99% of my books are audiobooks
  24.   I went to the gym 3 times in the past 6 months
  25.   I realize that this list is way more than 10 things

So tell me.

Which of these things describe you too? Do you like rice? [/toggle]

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7 thoughts on “❼ 10 Random Facts about Me

  1. Omg! Do I like rice??? I kill, not eat, rice for breakfast, snack before lunch, lunch, snack before dinner, dinner, snack before bed, and another serving just before calling it a night.
    Did I mention, I looooove rice? Hahaha

  2. I guess I’m not a travel snob, because I totally consider in-nation travel to be ‘real.’ haha! Of course, the USA is kind of huge…and so is China, so the fact like I tend to live in large countries probably impacts that.
    How exciting that you’re gonna be published so soon!!

    1. Ahhhhhh omgggg Rachel came to my blog!!! That makes me so happy bahahaha
      yeah, Mr Beta Mo (my husband) totally gives me the side eye when I say a trip to Cali doesn’t count as travel Lol! And yup yup I’m about to be a real life published Author like you :D *doing my happy dance* haha

  3. I literally hold my breath for as long as I can bear when someone sneezes into the open air. Then after releasing it, I start wondering whether I should have waited a little before holding my breath because its possible the microbes that were released are only just begining to arrive at my nose’s airspace. Lol!

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