Things that I will Never Forget About Haiti

Even though my trip to Haiti was a very personal one, i feel obligated to blog about it on here. I guess this must mean that i like you guys or something :~) What you’re about to see is a mini compilation of the things that struck me the most about Haiti…but errr read at your own risk

Gangsta Mosquitoes

I’m just going to say it–the mosquitoes in Haiti are straight up gangsta. I knew that there would be bugs and stuff but nobody said anything about mosquitoes carrying freaking AK47s! Mosquitoes in Haiti are second only to their vicious Nigerian cousins and for that reason, they are forever in my memory.

Double Duty Round Abouts

I didn’t see very many of these but apparently, it’s fine to air dry your personals out in the open in Port Au Prince. I wish other cities were like this. It’s not good to be too secretive, you know.

Giant Arachnids

I knew better than to try to swat this one so I got this picture taken and took off running.

ps: actually, that spider turned out to be fake. phew! haha

For Real Though

…if I had to pick one thing that I will always remember about Haiti, it will have to be the joy that I found when I got there. Truth be told, I was terrified of going on this trip. I thought I would take one look at the orphans and collapse into tears; but it was the complete opposite.

When I was with them, all I knew was joy and when I looked in their eyes, all I saw was hope. Haitian orphans aren’t sitting in the corner feeling down and out, they are working hard towards achieving a better tomorrow for themselves and for their nation.

This trip reminded me that I have a responsibility to do my part to make sure that their hard work is not in vain. Wherever you are, and in whatever you do, know that there is an opportunity for you to do your part to make a difference for these kids as well. It’s one thing to be poor, but it’s a completely different ball game to be poor, have no parents, and live in a country where there is simply no justice system.

Stay grounded, folks. Life is more than just you and me. There are kids out there with no family.

2 thoughts on “Things that I will Never Forget About Haiti

  1. I can completely relate! I’ve been to Haiti three times. You describe a feeling of joy. You couldn’t have picked a better word. I too was filled with joy when I was there. I also did work with orphans. It was beautiful! I have to add rats to your list though. Those were the biggest rats I have ever seen!

    1. Hey Britt, thanks so much for stopping by! LOLL @ rats. Too funny. I’m totally with you! I hope to be able to go back one day. I’m really curious about your work with orphans by the way if you don’t mind sharing a little

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