❼ 5 Problems You Could be Solving with Your Phone (instead of taking selfies)

Not only am i going to tell you what you could be doing with your iphone (other than taking pictures of yourself), I will also show you 5 apps that will really help you out. What could be better than that? Enjoy! xo

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All these apps are free and they are apps that I use myself. So let’s dive into it.

Let’s talk about these apps baby!

#1 Solve Your Problem of Not Being Able to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

The app that i use is (duh) the clock app on my iPhone.

I’m sharing this app with you because of the way I use it. I use this app a little different from most other people (i think).

I think a lot of people set their alarms and then set backup alarms as well. So it’s pretty common to see people set 3 (or even 4 alarms) for the same day.

I have 1 alarm for the weekday, 1 alarm for the weekends and that’s it. I go to bed every night knowing that if I dont get up when the alarm sounds, I’m going to be screwed for the entire day.

That’s very motivating.

#2 Solve Your Problem of Not Being Able to Develop Better Habits

App Icon

How many of you have tried to go to the gym on a regular basis? *raises hand*
How many of you have tried to eat better? *raises hand*
How many of you have tried to give more money away to charity? *raises hand*

Somehow, it’s not the easiest thing to develop new habits. There’s an app for that. It’s called Balanced.

With my balanced app, i basically train myself to have a routine and develop new habits. Everytime I do something well, my Balanced app congratulates me. It says things like Good job! Nicely done! Bravo! It’s so fun to do.

#3 Solve Your Problem of Not Being Able to Pray or Meditate

Prompter App

Do you find your mind straying everywhere while you’re trying to pray?

You could even be praying for something as important as finding a new job when you start wondering if Shameless Maya has uploaded a new video. Or maybe start thinking about Shirley’s shoe collection.

There’s an app for that.

It’s called Prompter.

I’ve only been using this app for a few days so i can’t really speak too much about it. BUT i have been looking for something like it for a very long time so I was excited to find it.

It’s not my favorite app because it’s a little bit cluttered. It’s not very pretty. And it’s kind of complicated to use but overall, I love it. It’s been very helpful to me because I can basically make a list of all my prayer points (things I want to pray about).

And when a prayer has been answered, I can move it to a different folder.

So I can literally sit there with this app and pray with the app in front of me. That way, my mind doesn’t stray. I also never really have the issue of “ughhmmm what am i supposed to be praying about today?”

#4 Solve Your Problem of Trying to Do Everything

30/30 App

Do you ever do this thing where you start your day off and you’re so excited because you just know that you’re going to save the world!?

Then you make this looooooong list of all the things that you’re going to do. You get to the end of the day and realize that you really didn’t get anything done. You didn’t do half the stuff you thought you were going to do.

Then you go to bed feeling bummed thinking “oh my God, I’m such a failure”

There’s an app for that.

It’s called 30/30.

With 30/30, i can actually see what time my day would end if i did everything that i planned for that day. This app has absolutely been such a game changer for me.

#5 Solve Your Problem of Lack of Focus

Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM

I’m sure alot of you can related to that. Sometimes, you just have so many good ideas and you spread yourself too thin. As a result, you’re not getting any traction.

There’s an app for that.

It’s called Zoho.

I use Zoho to figure out what i’m supposed to be doing. So i never have to wonder what i’m supposed to be doing during any given week. I never have to worry about what’s most important vs what’s least important. it’s all in my Zoho.

There’s only 1 thing that I don’t like about this app.

If you have the free version, you can’t edit anything in the app.

You can only view things that you’ve already put in on your computer. I get around this by visiting the desktop site on my phone’s browser and making my edits there. Once those edits are saved in my browser, they automatically pop up when i go back and look in my app.

It’s a little bit of an inconvenience but it’s not enough of an inconvenience for me to feel like it’s not a useful app.

 These Apps Truly Make a Difference for Me

There you go. 5 awesome, practical things that you can do with your phone other than taking pictures of yourself.

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Now, I just need my iPhone to help me get 6-pack abs.

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