Should I Be Nice to People in the Gym?

I have a confession.

I’m that person you don’t want to see at your gym.

No, I don’t grunt and I don’t drop weights.

I do something far worse.

I refuse to wipe down the equipment after use.


Yes. Judge me.

I don’t do it because I don’t see the point.

I sanitize my hands before I touch stuff. And my palms don’t sweat when I use stuff.

So why am I wiping things down?

How do I know it’s not just water in those spray bottles anyway?

These people that feverishly spray and wipe everything down. Do they not buy gas? Do they also sanitize the gas pumps before use?

I’ll bet you these same people push the carts at Walmart and eat right after without washing their hands first. 

So I refuse to wipe down the equipment.

I’m rebellious like that. 

I refuse to be socialized like that.

But there’s a bigger question here

Maybe I should wipe down the equipment because it makes Amanda feel better.

Maybe I should wipe down the equipment because it’s the nice thing to do.

I haven’t decided yet but I’m thinking I might start wiping the equipment just to be nice to people. 

The reason I’m trying to be a nice person will be explained later.