❼ So Many Firsts

Since we have so many friends and family all over the world, I thought it would be great to put this little video together to share our new adventures as parents.

I hope you enjoy! xo

8 thoughts on “❼ So Many Firsts

  1. Kola! Thanks for sharing these precious moments! Glad the family is well! Girl- I totally feel you on the no movies for 5 months! Lol! It was like the best treat Evah to go back to the movies!

  2. First, ahhh!! The treadmill in your house has to disappear…and appear in my house RIGHT NOWWWW!

    In another related story, grandma is looking very pimping oh. And your Naija accent is refreshing like warramelon! :)

    1. Lmao! Lai Lai – can’t you see that we strategically placed it near the dining table? Hehe. And thank you jare -I shall deliver your message to grandma. it’s kuku condition that use to cause ‘phone’ ?

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